This Is What Being Young Should Feel Like


Queso, I have no idea how to embed my playlist using Grooveshark, but these are my little tunes for the month of April. I usually make a work out playlist every month, and this year has been prodominately alternative. (That last song was just for fun). It's a cool hipster playlist, hope you enjoy!

On another note, Happy spring break for those of you lucky ones like me! I want to grow up  to be like the kids in the The Naked And Famous song above. I think this break calls for some fun, pretty looking inspiration. So today I found some rad lookbooks from shopplanetblue.com , here they are:

So yeah, these photos are making me think that the regular instagram filters just arent cutting it anymore. If anyone has an idea of an app or photo enhancer with a galaxy effect, I would love to know! In the meantime, I'll look for one, and report back! More Polyvore's to come! 

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