Hawaiian Tourist

Hawaiin Tourist

Hawaiin Tourist by bailicakes featuring short sleeve t shirts

Today was Tacky Toursist spirit day at school.... And not that I'm not into school spirit, but this, tacked on to PJ day, and here it comes: Safety day, yup I said it, Safety day. I guess you wear helmuts? I don't know, but isn't that giving out the wrong idea to other schools? whatever. But I'm in a leadership class, so I'm obliged. And tourist day was not half bad, in fact, I actually had fun dressing up this morning. I asked my dad if he had a Tommy Bahama he'd like to lend me, he replied, "i have just the one." then he came back and said, " this is the ugliest one I could find, it has pineapples on it." and in turn, I said, "Perfect!" He also had a fishing hat that I forgot to bring to school, so sad! But I finished off the look with yellow Betsey Johnson tights, brown Timberlands, and a skinny belt, cinched at the waist. It was so fun! I might actually start liking spirit days (except for PJ day, I will never like PJ day)

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Rebekah Wing. said...

so many amazing pieces :) i love the betsey johnson necklace. AMAZING :)
in btw really nice blog you have here, dear :))