I'm just a riandrop in a river...

... Just an itty bitty grain of sand
So if anyone got that title, which I'm assuming no one did, it's lyrics from only the seriously best song made by the musical gods. It's called Take so Long by Trampled by Turtles. It's like electric violin (I know, totally bitchin', right?) + banjo (Mumford & Sons, anyone?) = the most beautiful sound my little ears have ever heard. Seriously though, whoever that violinist is deserves a grammy or whatever the highest musical award out there is. And yesI defenitely did instragram that picture at 1:17 in the morning (I'm such a rebel [not really {at all}]). Which brings me to... follow me on instragram! @bailicakes

So I'm really regretting not having enough time to post much lately, because  I sometimes have strokes of genius during the day, that I need to document, but can't because when I get home from swim practice or whatever, I have to do homework and eat, then sleep (I have to eat, you know) sorry! But swimming will be done in a few weeks (more like 2 months) but then all I have is time to post! And that brings me to the summer, which means I rarely do anything exciting because I don't really have a life, which means I often don't venture far from my house, which means I don't wear nice things, which means I can't post pictures of my cute outfits! I know, what a tragedy my life is.
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You know how I'm doing that "documenting things from my mind bubble" thing. Well, today I was thinking of that badass pizza shirt, and then I started thinking about stained glass windows, 'cause I like 'em. and how cool would it be if you had a shirt with a stained glass print, or better yet pants. That. Would. Be. Awesome!
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Like, woah. http://www.gossiprocks.com/forum/fashion/beth-dittos-plus-size-evans-clothing-collection-page2-106797.html

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But I couln't find pants! so nobody steal that idea, 'cause when I become famous one day, you can all have stained glass printed pants. Yay!

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