Those babies are too cool

Hey ery'body, I took a picture of my outfits of the week (sorry in advance for the ugly iPhone pics (I'm so cool, I had the iPhone before it became cool) I had no one else to take my picture) oh and my bathroom is like, totally atrocious.
Sweater: thrifted, Romper: some Nordstroms brand, Socks: my moms (generic), Shoes: DSW (I know, right?)

Cross: souveneir from Mexico, B: Macy's

Shirt: Marc Jacobs, Skirt: thrifted,  B Necklace: Macy's, Braid Bracelet: Lucky Brand Beaded Bracelet: Charming Charlies
Blouse: Free People, Bandeau: Free People, Pants: Mother, Kicks: Vans, Cross Necklace: souvenier, Watch: Seiko

these are pictures of my collage of things that I love (otherwise known as crap I am too much of a hoarder to throw away). And I'm gonna just throw this out there, I have no idea who Michal Negrin is, but I googled him and he is so cute look him up here! Those naked babies on his home page are awesome! His stores are so gawdy and therefore, awesome! And I'm also gonna throw out there that my grandma gave me that box, so power to the elderly! Just thought i would give you a little insight on my life through these pictures.

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