Little Mondo Chicken Nugget

Yes, i know that no one will know what that title means, but i thought i could get a chuckle out of holly. Well, as i dont know if ive mentioned already, Mondo Guerra is like my idol. and i reeealy want Project Runway to start up again, but i dont know when the next season starts! Does anyone know? i think im going through a Project Runway withdrawl. i havent heard Tim say "make it work!" in sooo long!so i guess ill put up a collage of my favorite Mondo moments throughout time. drumroll please.....
This was the party supply store challenge
This was his High fashion look (right) and ready-to-wear look (left)
The Jackie O. challenge
(and does anyone esle find him unbearably cute in this picture, and the next)
and who can forget the big finale?

and although i love Mondo, we cant forget about the others. these are my favorite creations of season 8. excluding Mondo's.
Andy's "catwoman" high fashion look, and his beautiful little ready-to-wear look.
April's party supply store challenge look
and little Gretchen :) her first episode look was super cute
her Marie Claire challenge billboard starring Coco Rocha.

Season 8 favorite moments: when Gretchen won the Marie Claire challenge and started crying and saying "my mom is gonna be so proud. awww.

when Grethen's mom walked in last during the episode with all of the mothers.

and of course the Create Your Own Textile episode when Mondo told the world that he has been HIV positive for 10 years.

quadruple awwwww


Fashionable Wedding

Sorry i have been gone for a while, Ive had a pretty busy week with school, and ive kind of been on a fahion block for a little while now, but lately ive been obsessing over weddings, im only 13 (turn 14 tomorrow :) )and i have my whole wedding pretty much planned out from start to finish, so i thought i would share some details with you.
First, my favorite season is fall, so i would love to have an outdoor wedding, with lots of nature and flowers incorporated
(i coudnt find the wedding that i was particularly looking for, but i thought this venue was really pretty too.)
For the fashion and accesories, i have a just idea on how i would like to look.
this belt would go in my hair (i also had another in mind by daniel12
, buuuuut i accidently moved that item into my shopping cart on my other computer and i am way to lazy to go and remove it, but it does look similar)
the dress...
these dresses are both under $100? what? i think i like online shopping instead of Kleifeld's
the bouquet
these cute little non-expiring bouquets come from bluepetyl from etsey.com

and im not a huge fan of fake nails, so the only bright color (the color scheme is gold and cream) will be my fire engine red painted nails:)
now for the reception,
ill have a candy bar, open bar, and a photo booth
and a carciture artist (did i spell that right?)
and last but not least, my cake,
i would like the flowers to go all around, showing no cake tier; they had one at carlo's bakery, but it wouldnt let me use the picture. i also wanted a big red bow to sit on the top of the cake to match my dress.
and to top it all off, we will be serving amazingly spicy mexican and indian food.
i told this all to my teacher today, and he called me a bridezilla, haha oh well, i am what i am ;)

hopefully i didnt leave any details out :)
P.S. sorry the pictures are so small, thats the only way i could get them.


short shorts on guys?

i was recently looking through a few magazines, and found this Hugo Boss ad, i think the short shorts on guys look is surfacing a little more now, and maybe its just the swimmer in me talking (i like boys in speedos :P) but i am kind of enjoying it...

But i believe its safe to say that shorts on men walk a fine line between hot, and well this...

i think we all know why this man is wearing shades that dont reveal his identity

i say bring on the shorts, when they are used in the right way, but what do you guys think?


me and holly's 5 day challenge

Me and holly took a picture of our outfits at school everday for a week... so here they are.
This is what i actually wear to school, so don't make fun. haha. the dress was made to be a halloween costume, but i just got this amazing headband, so i needed to wear something that had flowers on it. Betsey Johnson tights, Target sweater, and Juicy rainboots.

The dress is really old, i think i got it at Nordstroms like 3 years ago. the jean shirt, i found in my garage, its from The Gap. and my moms Estee Lauder lipstick.

jacket from Nordstroms Savvy clearence rack. and deisel jeans.

L.L. Bean sweater (my moms vintage pin), Kohl's backless tshirt, Hello kitty watch, Nordstroms shorts, Kate Spade leggings, and my brothers SB Nikes.

and Friday:
I tried to make it a little more casual, so im wearing a Forever 21 shirt, True Religion shorts, and Target leggings.
(im not trying to be funny, laughing in these pictures, its just really akward taking them :) )


Spring Outfit Inspiration Part1

Yay! Alexander Wang skirt, Chloe purse, Vanessa Bruno sweater, Catherine Dean jacket

Coke, but in a skinny, more fashionable can? i think yes!

Menswear worn as ladieswear at its finest

D&G long dress, Chanel satchel

Im looking for a bike for my birthday, so i thought this was pretty cute

Images from elle.com


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im baaack!

Yes, Yes, to others dismay, I've come out of hiding, and im back to fashion blogging:) ive taken a long break, and im prepared to change things up a bit. This week Holly and i will be taking pictures of each others outfits everyday, then posting them on here next weekend. But right now, im gonna talk about freerice.com (applause). freerice.com is an organization that gives kids who suffer from hunger 10 grains of rice every time someone on the website answers trivia question correctly. Its really fun, and it makes you feel good on the inside after. Im at 3100 grains right now, can anybody beat me? Well back to fashion, Im so happy to see that long dresses (and even longer socks) are in right now. and ill keep you posted for everything else fashion later in my blog. For now, please enjoy a nice playlist of my favorite songs. (i think it will be the post above this ^^^)