i lied...

hi. sorry i lied... i do have time to write another post today(:

today is dresses/overwear so i tried to find clothes that are good for summer...

the first one is from lulus.com and its only $59 its called Cranberry Harvest Dress

the middle one is from Bloomigdales, its a little bit more expensive thanthe lulus dress, but i really liked the shoulderblades on it<3. French Connection "Candy Stripe" Ruffled Shoulder Dress ($168.00)

and im totally in love with denim, so i found a Calvin Klein Jeans Patched Denim Vest from Macys.com, and it is superly (haha thats a nice word) on sale for only $40

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

pictures from lulus.com, bloomingdales.com, and macys.com


Betsey Galore!

yeah! i have finally gotten the hang of this (i think). hopefully these pictures will come out alright...
today might be my last post for a little bit, because im going to be super busy until sunday. and i will be off to South America later on sunday! my next post will probably be on Tuesday the 10th?

ok.... so i decided to go with Betsey Johnson clothes today. i dont know why, but i am shopping online today, because i wont have time to shop before school starts, and i was on her site earlier today.

the first one is the Cheetah Wink Graphic Tank, at $98. i guess neon colors are in for fall. i dont know about you, but im excited. :)

the middle one might be my favorite, just beacause i like that little pop-look that everyone uses for their facebook profile pics and everything. its Wink w/Fangs T-Shirt at $68.

and the last one is Spider Rose Tank at $98.


that up there is the link to all of Betsey Johnson's summer/fall t's and tanks.

all pictures were from betseyjohnson.com

love ya,



ok, so i am new at this. and every time i try to post a picture of the other two "bottoms" i found, they either come up super tiny, or didnt show at all, so i decided to put them up, tiny. if you like the shorts or skirt that is shown small, i will show you where to get them below.

oh and i tried to find some "bottoms" that were good for the fall or summer, because i know how hot it can get here Cali <3

anyways... the big picture is defently my favorite of the three. unfortunately, it is also the priciest ($398) they are once again from Free People and to look them up, they are called: Shakuhachi Leather Short.

the top picture is of the Marc Jacobs MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Dashiki Stripe' Cotton Culottes. i found this at marcjacobs.com , but you can buy them at

finally, the middle ones are the little black shorts. they are from Diane Von Furstenberg. i found these at Nordstroms, but they are on her site too (http://www.shopstyle.com/browse/shorts?fl=b171#)

first two pictures are from Nordstroms.com

and the last picture is from Freepeople.com




ok, so i had this idea, each day of the week, there should be a post of a different type of clothing.

Monday: shoes
Tuesday: bottoms
Wendsday: tops
Thursday: dresses/overwear
Friday: accessories
and Saturday/Sunday will be whatever :)

hopefully this will work out<3

anyways... today is shoes, so i found these shoes online. the first pair is called Miller Cutout Oxford from Free people. i looove these oxfords. so cute!

the middle ones are also from free people, and they're called Heeled Lace Up Jodphur by Swedis. these are a little old, (and maybe a little out of season) but i still love em.

and the last pair are from Nordies (nordstroms) they're called Jeffery Campbell "snick" platform sandal.:)

i couldnt find the one that i was REALLY hoping for. i dont now what they are called but they are from norstroms, and the have a little bit of a wedge, and they are laced all the way up with leather strings, they have a little baby peeptoe, and they are beige or black.

phew! that was a long one

hope you enjoy!

images by freepeople.com and nordstroms.com


woop woop!

ok! this is my offficial first post! hopefully someone will end up reading it. i will update you on new trends, new brands, new everything:) well right now my favorite brand is free people (it may be expensive, but it is beautiful) anything they have is prob in style. ill keep you updated. when someone (maybe i should say "if someone", haha) ends up reading this, please, please, please tell your friends, and buddies and amigos, whatever!thanks!