Old gems!

So I was reading my past posts (sooo two years ago)and I sound really unintlelligent and young. so I have gone through puberty and erupted unto myself, the totally nerdy, clutz, foolish, colorful, funky-fresh (haha just kidding) old lady, 1950's gal. I swear, I should have grown up in the 60s, I am actually just a trendy 70 year old woman in a fifteen year olds' body, it's true. And the other day I was blue because I couldnt find a blog whose blogger was just like me, and I had a an epiphany 1. I thought, I have a blog! I can do whatevah I want (har har)im such a loon, and 2.why would I want to be like anyone else? So I gave it a thought, and this blog is going to be the depiction of psuedo-me! Every weird galaxy, flamboyant idea/dream/zine that pops into my head, I'll document it riiiiight here. eww reading over this, I've said "I" like, 50 times. By the way, the polyvore sets I create and post are always of an outfit I've worn that day, even though everything on the sets are designer and like, $2,000 over my budget, it's close to what I have in my own closet. So here's what I pondered on today... Galxy stuff

so cosmic-y!
Oh! how i yearn for a black milk bodysuit


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Holly said...

This made my day! Love it! :)