Easter Saturday

I'm in the process of wiping out my iPod because my computer deleted all my stuff and then it froze my iPod last night. And now my tech-savvy brother is beginning to take out every piece of info on there, all because I wanted the blogger app! I'm in mourning, but once its done I can blog so much more efficiently. So I can't get too many new pictures but on another note, Happy Easter everyone! And you know what Easter means? Pastels and sparkles! It's definitely a Baili holiday. So, inspired by today I found some pretty tumblr pictures along with some I took on Saturday at my Meemas and Peepas house. Ha

Went to my Grandparents house, and had some fun:
Dress: Free People, Grandpa's boots.
The almighty golden egg.
I was such a fashion plate back then.
I found a way to put a galaxy background on your pictures! (like this post from a few days ago) It's the Blend Cam app, you just put a picture of something, and add a galaxy picture to it.

The Easter bunny came early, in a Michal Negrin bag! Woohoo!
My mom's baby ring, that I'm gonna wear as a knuckle ring.
This was my uncle's baby ring, who passed away. So its like, my favorite thing:)

Hopefully everyone's Easter was as joyful and loving as mine was!

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Holly said...

Oh my gosh! love it Baili! :) Everything was sooo cute