Peeta *sigh*

Ya, so I'm gonna try not to be one of those girls... But OMG didn't you think Peeta was the cutest thing in the world?! He is just so perfect!! I saw the Hunger Games (twice), and was pretty unimpressed, but as I knew it would, it sparked my Hunger Game daydream sessions (again). And it kind of makes me sad to think about it for some reason. I wish it was like Pretty Little Liars or Harry Potter with a lot of books in the series. It makes me depressed to think that the movies sucked and the books are done. But I'm just a girl here, looking for my own Peeta. All of these Tumblr photos are so sweet:)

I am totally Cinna. And not to be the freak here, but I really liked the costume design except for Katniss's outfits. Her red fire dress was not fitted right, and the chariot scene, as much as Josh Hutcherson looked adorable, really stunk. But the Capitol's citizens were dressed really cool!

Most of these pretty little Josh Hutcherson pics are from the Fuck Yeah Hunger Games tumblr the best blog ever!
oh my god! Have my babies. Ha I'm just kidding, I would never say something like that on the internet. 
So most of these I just took because I thought they were funny or cute (Oh, so damn cute).  But the movie so did not do the book justice. That being said though, I'm not saying I don't have a Catching Fire release date countdown on my phone:) 

So I gues now I should start blogging about clothes again? Next post will be a good one, swear! 
Toodle-doo! (I actually said that in an Effie accent to someone today, thank god we were alone)

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Holly said...

OH MY GOSH! MY HEART JUST MELTED!!! ok, caps off!!! ahh i love it so much! PEETA so dang cute!!!