me and holly's 5 day challenge

Me and holly took a picture of our outfits at school everday for a week... so here they are.
This is what i actually wear to school, so don't make fun. haha. the dress was made to be a halloween costume, but i just got this amazing headband, so i needed to wear something that had flowers on it. Betsey Johnson tights, Target sweater, and Juicy rainboots.

The dress is really old, i think i got it at Nordstroms like 3 years ago. the jean shirt, i found in my garage, its from The Gap. and my moms Estee Lauder lipstick.

jacket from Nordstroms Savvy clearence rack. and deisel jeans.

L.L. Bean sweater (my moms vintage pin), Kohl's backless tshirt, Hello kitty watch, Nordstroms shorts, Kate Spade leggings, and my brothers SB Nikes.

and Friday:
I tried to make it a little more casual, so im wearing a Forever 21 shirt, True Religion shorts, and Target leggings.
(im not trying to be funny, laughing in these pictures, its just really akward taking them :) )


Whitney said...

haha i agree..it's really awkward having people take outfit photos for yourself!


Holly! said...

I love it!!!!! AHHH I am really confused with my blog and uploading pictures ahh barf in a bag!