im baaack!

Yes, Yes, to others dismay, I've come out of hiding, and im back to fashion blogging:) ive taken a long break, and im prepared to change things up a bit. This week Holly and i will be taking pictures of each others outfits everyday, then posting them on here next weekend. But right now, im gonna talk about freerice.com (applause). freerice.com is an organization that gives kids who suffer from hunger 10 grains of rice every time someone on the website answers trivia question correctly. Its really fun, and it makes you feel good on the inside after. Im at 3100 grains right now, can anybody beat me? Well back to fashion, Im so happy to see that long dresses (and even longer socks) are in right now. and ill keep you posted for everything else fashion later in my blog. For now, please enjoy a nice playlist of my favorite songs. (i think it will be the post above this ^^^)

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