Fashionable Wedding

Sorry i have been gone for a while, Ive had a pretty busy week with school, and ive kind of been on a fahion block for a little while now, but lately ive been obsessing over weddings, im only 13 (turn 14 tomorrow :) )and i have my whole wedding pretty much planned out from start to finish, so i thought i would share some details with you.
First, my favorite season is fall, so i would love to have an outdoor wedding, with lots of nature and flowers incorporated
(i coudnt find the wedding that i was particularly looking for, but i thought this venue was really pretty too.)
For the fashion and accesories, i have a just idea on how i would like to look.
this belt would go in my hair (i also had another in mind by daniel12
, buuuuut i accidently moved that item into my shopping cart on my other computer and i am way to lazy to go and remove it, but it does look similar)
the dress...
these dresses are both under $100? what? i think i like online shopping instead of Kleifeld's
the bouquet
these cute little non-expiring bouquets come from bluepetyl from etsey.com

and im not a huge fan of fake nails, so the only bright color (the color scheme is gold and cream) will be my fire engine red painted nails:)
now for the reception,
ill have a candy bar, open bar, and a photo booth
and a carciture artist (did i spell that right?)
and last but not least, my cake,
i would like the flowers to go all around, showing no cake tier; they had one at carlo's bakery, but it wouldnt let me use the picture. i also wanted a big red bow to sit on the top of the cake to match my dress.
and to top it all off, we will be serving amazingly spicy mexican and indian food.
i told this all to my teacher today, and he called me a bridezilla, haha oh well, i am what i am ;)

hopefully i didnt leave any details out :)
P.S. sorry the pictures are so small, thats the only way i could get them.

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Holly! said...

Is the food spicy!?!! Haha I love the wedding plans! Now just a chocolate