Little Mondo Chicken Nugget

Yes, i know that no one will know what that title means, but i thought i could get a chuckle out of holly. Well, as i dont know if ive mentioned already, Mondo Guerra is like my idol. and i reeealy want Project Runway to start up again, but i dont know when the next season starts! Does anyone know? i think im going through a Project Runway withdrawl. i havent heard Tim say "make it work!" in sooo long!so i guess ill put up a collage of my favorite Mondo moments throughout time. drumroll please.....
This was the party supply store challenge
This was his High fashion look (right) and ready-to-wear look (left)
The Jackie O. challenge
(and does anyone esle find him unbearably cute in this picture, and the next)
and who can forget the big finale?

and although i love Mondo, we cant forget about the others. these are my favorite creations of season 8. excluding Mondo's.
Andy's "catwoman" high fashion look, and his beautiful little ready-to-wear look.
April's party supply store challenge look
and little Gretchen :) her first episode look was super cute
her Marie Claire challenge billboard starring Coco Rocha.

Season 8 favorite moments: when Gretchen won the Marie Claire challenge and started crying and saying "my mom is gonna be so proud. awww.

when Grethen's mom walked in last during the episode with all of the mothers.

and of course the Create Your Own Textile episode when Mondo told the world that he has been HIV positive for 10 years.

quadruple awwwww

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Holly! said...

Best Title ever! oh yes ;)! Im loving the Mondo collage awww the one where he looks like a vampire with suspenders so cute