ok, so i am new at this. and every time i try to post a picture of the other two "bottoms" i found, they either come up super tiny, or didnt show at all, so i decided to put them up, tiny. if you like the shorts or skirt that is shown small, i will show you where to get them below.

oh and i tried to find some "bottoms" that were good for the fall or summer, because i know how hot it can get here Cali <3

anyways... the big picture is defently my favorite of the three. unfortunately, it is also the priciest ($398) they are once again from Free People and to look them up, they are called: Shakuhachi Leather Short.

the top picture is of the Marc Jacobs MARC BY MARC JACOBS 'Dashiki Stripe' Cotton Culottes. i found this at marcjacobs.com , but you can buy them at

finally, the middle ones are the little black shorts. they are from Diane Von Furstenberg. i found these at Nordstroms, but they are on her site too (http://www.shopstyle.com/browse/shorts?fl=b171#)

first two pictures are from Nordstroms.com

and the last picture is from Freepeople.com



Paige said...

Great Job Baili!! As always!!(: Love them!! P.S thanks for the gift(:

Nat said...

I love these summer outfits. Good taste(: