Betsey Galore!

yeah! i have finally gotten the hang of this (i think). hopefully these pictures will come out alright...
today might be my last post for a little bit, because im going to be super busy until sunday. and i will be off to South America later on sunday! my next post will probably be on Tuesday the 10th?

ok.... so i decided to go with Betsey Johnson clothes today. i dont know why, but i am shopping online today, because i wont have time to shop before school starts, and i was on her site earlier today.

the first one is the Cheetah Wink Graphic Tank, at $98. i guess neon colors are in for fall. i dont know about you, but im excited. :)

the middle one might be my favorite, just beacause i like that little pop-look that everyone uses for their facebook profile pics and everything. its Wink w/Fangs T-Shirt at $68.

and the last one is Spider Rose Tank at $98.


that up there is the link to all of Betsey Johnson's summer/fall t's and tanks.

all pictures were from betseyjohnson.com

love ya,

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Paige said...

Omg they are soooo cute!! Good jobb!!