ok, so i had this idea, each day of the week, there should be a post of a different type of clothing.

Monday: shoes
Tuesday: bottoms
Wendsday: tops
Thursday: dresses/overwear
Friday: accessories
and Saturday/Sunday will be whatever :)

hopefully this will work out<3

anyways... today is shoes, so i found these shoes online. the first pair is called Miller Cutout Oxford from Free people. i looove these oxfords. so cute!

the middle ones are also from free people, and they're called Heeled Lace Up Jodphur by Swedis. these are a little old, (and maybe a little out of season) but i still love em.

and the last pair are from Nordies (nordstroms) they're called Jeffery Campbell "snick" platform sandal.:)

i couldnt find the one that i was REALLY hoping for. i dont now what they are called but they are from norstroms, and the have a little bit of a wedge, and they are laced all the way up with leather strings, they have a little baby peeptoe, and they are beige or black.

phew! that was a long one

hope you enjoy!

images by freepeople.com and nordstroms.com


Yalonda said...

Hi Baili!!! I just wanted to say that I think your blog is genius in the making!!!! Your idea to talk about different clothing everyday of the week is so creative and wonderful!!! I'm definately going to check this out everyday and tell my friends!!

Paige said...

Haha good job Baili! Guess you saw the collab haha. Can't wait!! Talk to you soon!!