Yay for leather gloves!

Besides the badass 1990's look, I lurve (yeah I just said lurve, I'm disappointed too) the RTW looks this season.
Top row: Felder Felder, Temperly London, Clements Ribiero
Middle: Issa, Mario's Shcwab, Basso & Brooke
Bottom row: Moschino Cheap and Chic, Todd Lynn, Temperly London
All photos from style.com
And that Basso & Brooke show reminds me so much of Medame Kirchoff, which makes me so happy! All in all checking all of these shows just really makes me want a Belle-Little-Red-Riding-Hood cape. So fly! So enjoy this little mash up of fashion week because it took me for-freaking- ever to make. I'm not too accomplished with technology. More to come!

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